Friday, September 26, 2008

Finished the top to the quilt

Last night I finished adding the border to the quilt. I repeated those blue square detail blocks in the border corners. (my quilt model is in time out, so he didn't help with the pic)

Tomorrow morning I go to my first ever quilt show! Everyone cross your fingers that I don't spend ANY money. There is really nothing I need except to stop buying stuff. If they have a selection of Japanese fabrics, all bets are off! Oh and of course I need batting for this thing I might get that at the local craft store though.


Kim H. said...

It turned out awesome! I love the color combo! Brian's Gram has to be so proud!

Patti said...

It looks gorgeous!! I can wait to see the final product. You really did an awesome job with this. Have fun at the quilt show!

Jorunn said...

Beautiful!!! Love the colors!
Have fun at the quilt show tomorrow, good luck not buying anything...LOL!!!

Thanh said...

Wow! Look at how far you've advanced in just a matter of months, Erin. The quilt looks great.