Friday, September 05, 2008

sad little pouch

I just got terrible family news so I burried my sorrow in sewing.

And got a sad little pouch. Apparently depressed sewing makes depressing bags.
I refused to measure the corner thingies and look what I got. Someone send me a quilting square or whatever it is that lets me make nice corners. (kidding, don't send me anything)
Lined with red.

Tutorial (An awesome one!) HERE
So in other news:
Sue is back in the hospital. It's not good. They don't think it's life threatening. It is her heart again of course. I want to cry AND hit someone all at the same time. Crying hurts my strep throat. I don't really hit people. I might throw up though.


Kim H. said...

This still turned out really nice! I do not know how you can do it when you are sick! So sorry to hear about Sue- I will keep her in my prayers!

pescbrico said...

Sorry to read about Sue I will keep her in my prayers