Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sew every day. Day 2

First I keep forgetting to share this with someone. When you leave a comment on a blogger blog and it says, "choose an identity" for some reason that gives me a thrill. "Who will I be today?" I wonder. Even though I only have one identity in the blogger world.

Ok on to today's sewing. I found THIS tutorial on making a super cute bag and had to do it. I don't have a large button (the horror) so Kim is making me some today. Out of polymer clay. Which I guess I could do, but it's more fun if it's a colaboration right? I really liked how the original had missmatched fabrics. She uses all thrift and reclaimed stuff. She's awesome like that. I used Ikea fabric on the outside and the inside is fabric I got at a garage sale. It was about two yards of this for a buck. The sides where the straps meet the bag are a little wonky on mine, but I'm ok with it. There is a pocket in the bag too. Tracey has been telling me that any bags need pockets. The original had one too, I'm just saying I made sure mine did too.

One thing I like about this bag is that the strap is really wide. So if I stuff it with books or other heavy junk it won't dig into my arm.

My goodness I love this Ikea fabric. I used almost every bit of it on this bag, but I'm going to get like 5 yards next time. The pink inside fabric is just ok for me, but it works inside a bag.

I'm going to make another right now!

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Kim H. said...

The bag turned out gorgeous! I love the pocket and the miss matched fabric! Wide shoulder straps rock!