Monday, September 22, 2008

Cute Monday

It's Cute Monday. My little help for the general crappyness of Mondays. (unless you like Monday, then it's a celebration of your awesome Monday)

Here's the list:
Best monkey fabric EVER: (click all the views, a mushroom chaises him!)
Happy food fabric
Elephant pouch
Faces on food is always cute
Waterproof elephants
More food with faces
Super cute tiger plush
Stunning artwork
Whole collection of fruit with faces
Stunning Alice in Wonderland photography
Super crinkly baby quilt

Oh and in case you wonder why I don't post pictures of the Cute Monday stuff. Well I'm lazy. See to post a picture from someone elses site I feel I'd have to have permission. And I have a hard enough time getting permission for the pics I put on the Inspirational blog. I don't want Cute Monday to be work! Also you really should go to these people's sites/blogs/stores/photostreams. I rarely find something cute that there's not a whole bunch of more cute by the same artist.

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Alissa said...

Thanks for linking to my baby quilt!! So nice of you!