Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fairytale Bag

Last night I wanted to make a super cute bag. I think I did!
I got this corduroy fabric at the local thrift shop. I'd been wanting some to play with. The red fairytale print I've had for a while. It was actually my first Etsy purchase. I've been waiting for something cool enough to do with it. (like a dork, don't horde fabrics, just use them.) I did the top stitching with red for fun. I was pleased to discover that the stitch length I used perfectly landed the zig zags on either side of the ribs in the fabric. Looks like I planned that!
Lined with the fairytale fabric and there is a pocket of course.
Here is the back, it's just plain.
This bag is really fun. I think I'm going to make more with some of my other "too good to use on anything" fabrics. I have enough of the tan to make two more I think.

If this bag meets all your medium purse needs you can get it for yourself! Just hop over to my SHOP on etsy and pick it up.


Kim H. said...

Super duper fun bag! I love the style!

Traci G said...

I love this cute fabric and it goes great with the tan corduroy!! Very cute bag!!

Victoria said...

love the corduroy! looks like my kind of bag... thanks for sharing!