Friday, September 05, 2008

Sew Every Day Day 4 *probably should not have*

Well I went to the library like I said. I got books on sewing. Seemed smart, too sick to sew, read books.

Nope, it got me all super itching to sew.

So I did. You may remember I embroidered this octopus a while back. Never made anything from it until now though.
Lined with this yellow fabric I accidentally bought way too much of one time. It has birds so that's sweet. No button or pocket. It really is just for grabbing some crap on the way out the door, books, extra snacks for my kids. It's not to replace my normal purse. So I didn't bother with a closure or a pocket. Technically this makes it reversable too right? :)

I shouldn't have sewn because now I feel WORSE sick. And my husband is going to come home and tell me that if I'm healthy enough to sew I am healthy enough to make dinner. :(


Kim H. said...

I know you do not feel good but this bag totally ROCKS! It is awesome! It is Friday- you need to eat out ;)

Anonymous said...

eww... cooking, i'd rather clean the toilet than cook! I haven't a plan for tonight and it's already 5:30!!

Sorry you're feeling punky!

Thanh said...

Totally rockin bag!!!