Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Quilty Goodness

Ugh, I didn't realize this pic was so blurry. But you get the idea. This is the quilt I'm making Brian's Gram.
But here is a REALLY cool quilt. my own mom made this back when I was a kid. She did it all by hand. It's a "lap quilt". She did each block seperate and even quilted each block seperate. Then later sewed all three layers of the quilted block together. All totally by hand. I'm totally impressed. I remember her working on this through the evenings as a kid. My mom worked full time and had me (although I was such a dream of a kid I was very little work). But she found time to make this lovely.
Can you see the hand stitched hearts in this red square? Also that yellow fabric I remember as curtains in our kitchen. Almost all the fabrics were repurposed.
My favorite squre of course. Although as a kid I was sure this was MY quilt and I wondered why she didn't embroider my name! haha.

This is another favorite square of mine. I can't sew circle things like that.
Well there you have it, Quilty Goodness!
Oh mom's quilt has some tears and I need to mend it. If anyone has good info on mending quilts let a girl know.

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Kim H. said...

The quilt your mom made is gorgeous! What a special treasure!