Monday, September 01, 2008

Boating encounter

Look who is stamping! haha. I have been itching to get into the new InColors, AND I had new AWESOME Eat Cake Stamps. I call this new collection "Lake House". I'm not sure what Holly calls them, but they look like Lake House to me! Anyhow I've had them for a few weeks, but with all the sewing I haven't felt like stamping. I felt guilty at first, but you can't force these things I rekon.

Tonight though I felt like hitting the ink. So I stamped this fun scene then spent ages coloring it. I'm not TOTALLY thrilled with the water. Water always gives me trouble. I have a lot of it on this scene too. But if you are going to work with images you call "Lake House" you gotta just deal. I love these stamps. Heck, I love all Eat Cake Graphics stamps. I especially love how they are meeting this friendly duck. He's a seperate stamp, so expect to see him make an appearance in all my Lake House scenes! Oh oh oh! I need one of a duck's butt just up. You know, like they do when they are fishing?
Well there you have it! A card. With stamping. I left some stamping stuff out too, I plan to do more tomorrow.
But no worries, my new sewing friends, I have decided to make all my Christmas presents this year. So there will be plenty of sewing throughout the season. (sense my family doesn't read my blogs, cept mom)


Kim H. said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! You are so good! The duck is perfect in this scene!

Jennifer said...

You are the best, Erin K.! Simply the best at your art, be it card making or sewing. This is such a darling card. I think the dog looks a bit like Bella did as a puppy. :)

Joan B said...

I love this. Scenes are hard for me but you pulled this off beautifully.