Sunday, September 14, 2008

WIP and UFO... I hate them

For the longest time I loved quilts. But refused to work on them. Because I, Erin Kellogg, HATE UFO's and WIP's. That's Unfinished Objects and Work In Progress. I like things I can finish in one sitting. Hence cards.

But I really, really, really like quilts. I want to personally own 40 of them and I want all my friends and families to own stacks too. So now I have UFO's and WIP's. BLAH.

But tonight I have some really fun WIP's to share.

Arn't they the cutest? The pattern is a Bit of Whimsy pattern.

Yellow will be for Stephen, green for Ethan. I will finish them up tomorrow. I'm not sure about the blue ears on Ethan's...

But it's too late to finish them today.


Ayama-chan said...

Lovely wips and ufos. You certainly have been busy!! I deliberately didn't hang until the 'bots arrived!! Wow!! My bots should be in the post by Friday. CT and I have had a fever since last Thursday (on the mend today). So it has been unpick central here, as the sewing skills, deserted me.

Kim H. said...

oh my these are just the sweetest monkeys! I love the blue ears! I have some UFO's! I need to clean them up!