Saturday, September 06, 2008

Yours is not the reason why, just shut it and vinylize

So as a friend it's not my place to question WHY someone wants a vinyl bag, lined in vinyl with a sipper and a strap for holding embroidery. Nope. Not my job. It's my job as a friend to buy fabrics I think you will like so when you decide you want a super vinylized bag for your embroidery I'm ready to make one.

Yup, that's my job.

Two different straps. I only recomend leaving one on at a time. One for wrist wear, one for sholder wear. We could not decide which was better.
I *heart* ikea fabrics.
The inside is ALSO vinylized ikea fabric, just a solid orange. (oh and red zipper is a thrift find)
Look! I'm proud of this. See how straight that top stitching is? I'm really pleased. See how wonky this edge stitching is? Well that's because I'm a moron! (As usual) People. Seriously. If you are going to sew through MULTIPLE layers of VINYL coated HOME DEC WEIGHT fabric AND a zipper, PLEASE spend a few bucks on some stronger needles. Otherwise you might BEND yours. I'm sure it's terribly dangers to me and my awesome machine to sew with a slightly bent needle. You don't need to tell me that ok? I left it in because I just had this bit of stitching to do and I didn't want to go buy another needle tonight. And I don't like leaving projects. It drives me nuts. Ok so I finished up, but it's WICKED hard to sew straight with a bent needle. My machine, being my bestest machine friend, handled it fine and all is well. (cept for wonky edge stitching, which the bag's owner won't mind)
In another ultra-classy move I fused some cat hair into the bag. It confuses me. We do have a cat, but she's an outdoor cat. Also it's black on white. How did I not see that? So this makes this side the BACK side of the bag. What's interesting about this is that it REALLY looks like it's just sitting on there. Like you could just brush it off. But you totally can't. Well there you have it. A lined vinyled bag with a zipper, big enough for a 7" embroidery hoop and a few other things. With two strap length options. And it's orange. REALLY orange.
In other news:
I'm feeling lots better today. I'm tired easily and snotty all the sudden? But feeling so much better. I woke up with this overwhelming feeling of thankfulness. It was great.
I do not have an update on Sue. Other than I spoke to my dad and he said they are NOT considering it life threatening. Apparently an infected hole in your heart is NOT life threatening. How I feel about people poking holes in the hearts of my loved ones borders on life threatening however. (well sorta, I'm ticked, but I guess it's a known risk and the surgery was life saving so I'm only placing blame because I'm hurt and scared)

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Kim H. said...

It is awesome! Love the double strap! The cat hair is classic! So glad you are feeling better!