Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Another bag

I was digging around for fabrics when I decided these looked great together. So I sewed them up.
Here is the inside. Please note the detail work on the pocket.
And because that yellow fabric belongs to my yellow loving son:
It is his new library tote. Only Brian my DH says it looks like a girly purse! So weigh in please. Keep in mind that he LOVES it and will cry a river if I take it away. Especially as he has no idea what "girly looking" means.
Also I'm gonna make Ethan one too, so I need to know if I'm making a girly bag for my kids.
Yellow fabric is Ikea (I *heart* Ikea) the other fabric I'm not sure... doesn't say on the edge. And the bag tutorial is HERE.


Kim H. said...

It does not look girlie to me! He looks so adorable with it!

Loobylou said...

I don't think it is girly either. Several of the boys in my kinder class hae yellow library bags.
Ask Brian, what needs to be added to make it "boyish"?