Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vinyl Stripe Stamped Bag Tutorial.

Today is a special treat. I'm doing a Start To Finish tutorial that combines stamping, sewing, zippers AND iron on vinyl. I'm a little giddy!

Here are some supplies to grab out first. You don't HAVE to use the stazon ink, you can use what you like. The vinyl will seal whatever you use. I'm going to take us through the kitty cat bag, but I made a robot one at the same time. I cut some fabric into strips to stamp on. I ironed a center crease in the fabric then pressed it back flat. This helped me keep things straight when I stamped.
Then color the images with markers. I used tombow and impress waterbased markers. Next iron the vinyl strips onto the fronts. You should really read the directions on the vinyl you buy. For mine I stick the vinyl on, then put the release paper back on shiny side down. Then press with medium heat 8 seconds per section on the front, flip and do 4 seconds on the back. It gets HOT be careful.
Next pull two prints that you'd like to use for your bag. One for the lining one for the outside.
Applique the vinyl strip to one of your outside fabrics. This is a smidge tricky, you can't really pin the vinyl because the holes will show. I guess you could on the VERY edge. I didn't bother. I used a zig zag stitch and a teensy sitch length so it would be close together. (on the robot bag I did a smaller one then went over twice for a really bold line.)
You can sorta see here. The needle goes just to the outside of your stripe piece.
And here it is out. If you need to press it remember to use medium heat and replace the release paper before letting the iron touch the vinyl. Don't iron it too many times it will get dull and icky if you do.
close up of the vinyl.
Now I'm going to direct you to a DIFFERENT tutorial. If you know how to sew up a zipper bag do that. If not THIS tutorial is how I learned and it's tops. It will give you a lined bag with all the edges hidden.
Here is the finished bag! (I get my zippers at the thrift store so they rarely match)
Here is the inside.
And here is the robot one. I did it at the same time.
Inside of robot bag: (not super straight on those robots, but whatever)

And there you have it. A super cute totally original bag for you. Another good thing, if you are already an iron on vinyl fan, this uses just those little left over strips of vinyl from when you cut it for othe stuff.
Oh and for what it's worth, I'm not sure I'd machine wash these. Might be ok, might not.
Stamp credits: The adorable kitty is Eat Cake Graphics. The robot is Odd Bird Planet.
Oh and the Robot bag is avaliable for you to purchase in MY SHOP. The kitty bag already has a home, but if there is nothing in this world you want more than a kitty bag let me know, we might can work something out.


Kim H. said...

Erin this is a wonderful tutorial! Way to use up those vinyl scraps! Such a cute bag!

Jovita said...

Great tutorial Erin... maybe I'll sewing a try again. :)

Felicia said...

Oh, this is a fabulous tutorial :)

All Ink'd Up with Awna said...

love the tutorial and the bag is adorable!

Thanh said...

Always love the process of your work.

TJ said...

Stinkin' cute! You are So good at this stuff EK! It makes my brain hurt a little bit to think of actually doing it but I love to see YOU do it and the supah cute stuff that comes out of all your hard work!