Saturday, January 03, 2009

Apron for my Grandmother

I made a reversable apron for my grandmother for Christmas. I did buy a pattern, but ended up doing my own design and totally ignoring the pattern.

Here it is on my beautiful friend Laura, who asked me not to include her head. (I'm not sure she knows she's beautiful) Here is the reverse side.

Here it is just laying around. I loved this kitchy fabric for an apron. Can you see the millions of lines of decorative stitching I did on the waistband?

Here is the other side, it also has miles of decorative stitching. And box pleats, well they are on both sides. And I also love the eyelet lace.

Oh look, I found a picture of the decorative stitching. I'm really pleased with that part.
And here it is on the red side. I'm sure you have noticed that it's different decorative stitching on each side, so I did each band seperate with it's tons of stitching, then applied them together over the top of the apron.

Anyhow, I got a thank you note from my Gramma yesterday, she said she really likes it. :)


runningonink said...

Oh Erin you out did your self! This is gorgeous! I love it! Which I was that skinny!

koehmstedt said...

Erin, that is a beautiful apron, your Grandma is one lucky lady!

Vicki Genz said...

Cute idea to use the decorative stitches on the waist band. I always forget I have those on my machine.