Wednesday, January 14, 2009


In my blog reading the other day I came across this My Paper Crane post about making clay mushrooms. So I decided to do some of my own.
They sure are friendly. I'm not sure what I'll do with them. Any ideas?
No news on the sewing machine front. I'm going to go on Friday and suss it all out. Marcia (my awesome MIL) is going to come watch the boys so I can take my time and not have to scream, "Don't touch that thread, put down that bobbin" the whole time. My plan is this: If they can fix it for cheap just get it fixed. If they cannot or it's expensive get info on a bunch of machines and come home. Then pray about it for at least a week, compare online and such. Then after some time decide. I spent most of yesterday looking at machines online and honestly it's making me a little depressed and insane. So for the next two days I'm going to focus on stamping and other fun stuff. Now that there is a plan in place I feel I can just shove my sewing machine anxiety to the back of my mind.


runningonink said...

Sweet little mushrooms! I love them!

I am praying your sewing machine problems are fixed soon! Glad you get to go alone!

Cinda said...

Here is something I saw awhile back with mushrooms that I thought was adorable

Suz Loves to Scramp said...

I would put the mushrooms in a potted plant! It would look sooo cute. I love these mushrooms by the way, they are just too adorable.

I'm sorry to hear about your sewing machine. I love seeing all of the cool stuff you make with it so I really hope you can get another one soon.

Reading your blog reminds me that I need to use my sewing machine more.

Karen said...

Well, I'm reading your blog backwards (plus I met Jenny at the Shack!:>), so I know your sewing woes are over now. :> So, on to the mushrooms! They are cute, cute, cute!! They could be magnets, pushpins, little mini drawer pulls, or just sit out as they are darling!
:> Karen/TiikkiStars