Thursday, January 08, 2009

aaah, shopping

I ordered a pile of stamps from Cornish Heritage Farms. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their stamps. And as you can see I LOVE the Kim Hughes collection most of all. I do have a complaint though! On this set it clearly says in the description that there is an octopus. But there IS NO OCTOPUS. That critter you see is a jellyfish. I deamand an octopus! Kim, please draw an octopus add on for this set. *I'm not really upset by the way, just kidding around, although I WOULD like an octopus please*

I can't wait to get creating, I cleaned the craft room (making a quilt makes a huge mess for me) so I'm all ready.


runningonink said...

OH what Yummy fun! Sounds like a good day to me! SMILE!

Thanh said...

Sticks tongue out... I got 2 classes taught by me from Lisa Strahl na na na! lol

Those are such cute stamps! Im trying to decide if I like the Ocean set enough to buy it...hmm