Thursday, January 29, 2009

I think you will need a Zippie with that.

I felt that the purse in the last post was a little large. I thought, "Whoever wins this will surely spend their whole lives looking for their chapstick." I can't have that! So I made you *the winner* a little zipper pouch to go inside your new purse.

This first pic, the colors are right on, but it's a smidge blurry. *I can't take great pics when it's not sunny, I don't know what people who live in Washington State do ever*
This pic is not blurry as much, but the colors are washed out. Now squint your eyes at these two pics and try to blend them into one pic... THATS what your new Zippie will look like.
So I like to share the things I learn when I sew with you. On this zippie I learned that adding piping to a little zipper bag is about 50 times harder than adding it to a purse. I almost threw this thing out. I did add an additional topstitch all the way around, just in case I didn't catch everything or something, it won't leak your pennies or whatever out all over your purse. It's NOT perfect. I can see in the pic the one corner is weird, also I can see some of the construction on the piping, it does not just appear like magic all the way around. *sigh* I also learned which way to point the piping while sewing it to the zipper so when I turn the bag it's right, although in all honesty I don't see me doing this again. *Julie, I will make you a poof ball zipper bag some day, and this piping direction while sewing thing will be needed for that too.*

All in all, I think it's pretty cute. It goes really well with your purse. If you hate it you can just toss it and I'll never know. Unless you are local. Local girls, if you win you have to use the zippie or I'll know and it will hurt my feelings.

Remember you have to comment on the ORIGINAL POST to enter to win. You can comment on this post you are reading right now to tell me how cool this zippie is, but it won't enter you in the contest. *wink*


Aunt T said...

Tag - your it! I tagged you on my blog today.


jules p said...

I love the little zippie! Very cute!