Tuesday, January 13, 2009


My machine is still dead.

I am considering replacing it if it's more than about $30 to fix. I mean it's old, it's sorta crappy...

so the sewing place has several Janome for under $300. I'm totally comfortable with that price.

I'm thinking about:

TB12 (which is super cool looking but does it do ENOUGH for me)
Magnolia 7318 (which I like the features of a bunch, but with those flowers on it, it looks like a toy)
Harmony (it's aqua. I can't remember what else I loved about it)
And 11590FS. Can't remember what I liked about that one either, it had a nice review though.

I know everyone has WAY fancier machines than me and I'm sure you love your Pfaff or BabyLock or Viking or whatever you are using. But I'm a girl with a budget and I don't know a single person ever to not love their Janome.

Anyhow I'm totally depressed. I'm gonna go back when the lady who sells the machines and the husband who does the repairs are both in and have the husband tell me exactly the charge to fix me all up, then the lady help me figure out how much it would cost to get me in a machine that I will love. Then pray about it more and decide.

I'm just sick over the whole thing. I need to get some work published to offset my new machine spending.

Oh and if you don't know, our AC died, our pool motor died AND our TV is dieing on us. So like I have money for a sewing machine right now? I mean my family COULD survive without a sewing machine, but not a TV or AC. Oh and have you SEEN how stupid expensive TVs are now? What the heck? They don't even SEW stuff! I suggested NOT having a TV but they all thought I was insane.


Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

I have lived (barely) a few times without a sewing machine. It wasn't pretty! My sister just got a Singer, from Sears, that was about $300. It is a really good machine. It has about 30 different stitches, and it sews beautifully.

Hang in there!

TJ said...

EK - you can get a TV CHEAP these days!!!! Go for a flat screen :)

Have you checked Craig's List for a used sewing machine? It's worth a shot.

Sorry for all the broken stuff. That's puke.

Tams said...

Sorry to hear about all the broken items in your home.

I sew with a cheap Kenmore (I think it was like $150), but I love it. I love it more than my mom's expensive machine.

I love your blog, and love how you've transitioned just like me. I started reading your blog because of the papercrafting, but as I got reinterested and passionate about sewing, your blog ventured more in that direction as well. :) You're an inspiration to me! Hope you get your machine fixed quickly, or get a new one!! Good luck!