Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Oh and I also made a quilt top yesterday

So last night I visited Mom and Jack in their hotel room with my boys. The boys were enjoying it so much that the 4 of them decided the kids should have a sleep over there. I raced home and enjoyed time totally ALONE! *Brian had a church thing and didn't get home until late* So I sewed up a makeup bag for mom who needed a larger one than I had made her.

Then I started cutting fabric for Stephen's quilt. Then sewing. Then I was done. It's SUPER simple. I need to do a border or something, it's sorta narrow. Anyhow here it is: My issue is that I want to do the border in the red dot, but Stephen wants a "yellow quilt" so I'm afraid that will be too much red and not enough yellow. So I'm not sure what I'll do. I have a cool yellow animal on white print that I'm doing the back in and I have plenty do to the border with, but I think it's not a strong enough print to go with all this bright color. So I'm stuck. But pretty happy that I made a quilt top in about two hours.

Oh one idea I have is to slice this whole top at about the 3/4 point, longways. Then add a fat stripe of my animal print, bordered on either side by a thin stripe of the red dot. Then not putting a border on the whole thing, just a red binding. That's actually my favorite idea, but when I explained it to Brian he said no way. But it's not up to him... I'm not sure.

These stripes are simply the fabric cut selvage to selvage and then sewn together.

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Anonymous said...

That turned out so awesome! I am loving it!