Wednesday, January 07, 2009


So did you know I write poems? I actually write all sorts of stuff. I make no claims that I'm any good though. See I have this NEED to write. Then I write the thing and that's it, need is gone.

Today's poem I sorta like so I'm gonna share it with you. Its about this box of crap I have. You know, old love letters, mix tapes, ticket stubs. Whenever I would add something to the box it seemed like a treasure that I'd never forget. But looking at the stuff now it all means nothing to me next to the treasures I have in my life every day.

I have a box where I keep
Some objects that I love
I store them safely as I sleep
As you may cage a dove

I took the box down today
To look at what was inside
Not love but junk how did they
Become symbols of live that died

And now I have your heart
I want to keep
And lock it away

But I’m afraid
That if I do
That will also fade

So you are free
To live and choose
Although it may hurt me so

If you choose not me
But break my heart
And choose to simply go

The rhyme pattern is sort of a mess. 4 lines, then 3, then the last two bits rhyme not inside the grouping but with each other. But whatever, I'm not a poet, I'm a girl who wrote a poem. :)

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