Monday, January 19, 2009

Stephen's Quilt is done.

I didn't actually use Jenny at all on this. This quilt is the last thing I forced out of The Beast (old machine).

Stephen had requested a "yellow quilt" So I made this: True to his love of yellow (please note yellow walls) He likes to have it on his bed so the back is showing. Shoulda just made it whole cloth with two yellows I guess! haha. But the best part is he loves it. I think he needs a pillowcase for it now. His pillow cases are all blue. That simply doesn't work. I have enough fabric I think to make one with the yellow animal print. I think maybe a line of red ric rac?


runningonink said...

This is so gorgeous! I bet your little guy will have lots of wonderful sweet dreams under this blanket!

Suzi said...

This is so awesome!! You're such a good mom! It's a beautiful quilt!!

fi said...

fantastic quilt Erin, we have yellow walls as well you son has very good taste!so glad you want to plat PIF can you email me your details?cheers fi xoxo