Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I love the new Ocean Friends set by Cornish Heritag Farms. When I opened it up and pulled it off the plastic I had an idea! Make a 3D aquarium with it.

First I stamped a handful of the sea critters and colored them with my copic markers. Then I cut down the plastic sheet and colored that too with copic, it looks streaky, but it turns out ok. I think that alcohol ink dropper stuff would rock for this too, probably be even better, but I don't have any so marker worked fine.
Ok next I forgot to take a pic, but I stamped the seaweed and bubbles on a white piece and colored them. Then I glued the pieces I cut out to the plastic pieces (two of them).
I layered with foam tape to give tons of dimension. So it's paper, foam, plastic with critters, foam, plastic with critters.
It looks like a mess, so here I am putting ribbon over the edges.

Here is at the same step from another angel, so only the seahorse and the very large yellow/orange fish are on the top layer, then all the other critters and the coral, then the bubbles and sea weeds.
And here is the finished card. I ment it to be an underwater scene but with the black it looks like an aquarium to me, which is fun too.
Another view.


runningonink said...

WOWZERS this rocks! I love the bright colors!

aude said...

I love your blog.

Karen said...

Very cute....definitely love them popped off the background and given 'aquarium glass'!
:> Karen/TiikkiStars

Joan B said...

this is adorable and quite clever!