Sunday, January 11, 2009


My sewing machine is broken.

Not threaded wrong, or skipping stitches,

nasty broken. :(

I was sewing along on Stephen's quilt. Using the walking foot. I hate the walking foot by the way. Anyhow it just went funky and made a huge loud noise suddenly. Then the pressor foot thingie didn't work. Didn't raise and lower the foot. So I took the walking foot off and then it sorta worked. I sewed some more. But it wasn't right. It sounded off. There wasn't enough pressure on the pressure foot. So I took the quilt out and looked at it and it really didn't have enough pressure. Just sorta flopping around. I could raise and lower it, but it was floppy.

Turns out the spring that is on there isn't attached right now. Somehow it either broke some or came unattached.

Brian tried to reattach it. He used my piercer I got from Gina K. Now the thing with the piercer is for YEARS I pierced with a push pin. Then I got one from Gina K. It was awesome. I love that thing. I'm sure you can see where this is going. My piercer is broken too. Snapped off trying to fix my machine. Which is still broken.

I think my sewing machine guy will be able to fix it. I'm really hoping he can just do a quick fix on it while I'm in there. I don't want to leave it behind. I want to finish the quilt, I want to sew a million more projects.

And I REALLY hope whatever I did CAN be fixed. You simply can't buy a sturdy good machine for what I can afford any more. I cannot afford a new machine. It would take me months and months to save up for even a medium quality one.

In other news:
Oh forget it, I can't think of other news with a broken sewing machine.

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Suzi said...

Good luck on getting it fixed FAST tomorrow!!

On the piercer: what is it about that tool that it is used to fix everything else. My bro tried to use it to pry the media card out of my computer. Yep, broke it (and didn't get the media card out!) I went to Ms today to buy a new one (MM not Gina K) and they don't have them (anymore???) I guess I'm off to punch w/a push pin. sigh