Monday, January 05, 2009

Favorite Things Quilt Swap.

I participate in several quilt swaps on Flickr.
One of the recent ones was the My Favorite Things theme for THIS swap group. My partner had orange and vegetable gardening listed, so I made her the carrot quilt. I used a very sketchy applique. Basicly I basted the items on then sewed over the edges several times with a black straight stitch, but kept it sloppy, like sketching. I really had fun with it. So much fun in fact that I made a second quilt with trees. I sent them both to my partner, they didn't want to be seperated. And this is what my awesome, amazing, wonderful partner sent me. Is that not the most adorable tiny quilt you have ever seen in your entire life? I'm GOBSMACKED. I mean totally and completly in love. I love the birds, the colors, the embroidery, the funky piecing. The whole thing is just awesome.
And as if that wasn't enough look:
It came with goodies. I love goodies! I mean I really really do love goodies.
In other news:
This wasn't my only awesome mail today. I got stamps from the same company I ordered the cute Alice stamps from. I'll do a full report tomorrow with the adorable card I made. I also got a large (for me) order from Pink Chalk Fabrics. I got 3 yards of the famed Kona cotton fabric. I needed a high quality white. I think it's the right white for me. I need to work with it a bit first. I got some yellow for Stephen's quilt, some number fabric for me and Kim's personal use, and some white on white print for me. Oh and I got a quilt pattern, but I'm afraid to show it or talk about it here. It's going to be for Christmas '09. yes, I'm getting ready to work on that already. I want to make almost everything. Again.
Oh speaking of patterns. I'm looking for a cool pattern to get to make some gifts. Do you like Note Taker or Pencil Roll more. Which would YOU want me to make? I just can't decide. I have a pattern already for a small seno pad cover, it holds just one pen/pencil on the outside. It's adorable, but is Note Taker cooler? Then on Pencil Roll, I figure I can use that for all kid birthday parties AND for my artsy friends, right? But anyone would love Note Taker, even if they are not a kid or an artist.
Not so much men though, what do you guys make for men in your lives?

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Connie said...

Love the colors on your carrot/trees blocks. the blue is my favorite.
Very very cute.
your goodies look fun too!