Thursday, January 29, 2009

Scrapbook pages

So I do scrapbook. You know, some. Anyhow I was looking back at my older stuff and it all looks dated to me. So I am doing more simple pages. Also I'm currently madly in LOVE with Kraft colored cardstock. Also with handwritten journaling. So here we go: Ah! you noticed? The fabric from YOUR purse is on that zoo page. The Ralph Lauren pillowcase fabric. Now that's become this scrapbook page, your purse, your zippie and a notepad cover that I've not shown you yet. I'm down to almost none of it left now. But I have this personal challange to use all of it. Gotta get my 50cents worth.


runningonink said...

You crack me up! Yes have to get your whole 50 cents worth! What gorgeous pages! I really like kraft color too- but I think gray is where it is at! LOL!

dana said...

You are quite the seamstress!! I can't imagine putting piping on such a tiny bag--complete with a zipper! You are talented, indeed! It must be that fantastic new sewing machine--I have never heard of that brand, but from the features you listed, it sounds great!
Thanks for your visit!!!! Dana