Friday, December 26, 2008

Stained Glass Octopus.

I'm sure everyone has gotten the memo: I LOVE Octopodae. (Octopi if you MUST, although it's from the Greek so really it should be Octopodae)

My mom got the memo. Look!

I don't know the name of the artist who made this, but God Bless them! It never occured to me to dream of a stained glass octopus. I wanted to hang it in a window, but it simply didn't work out on any of mine, it would be hidden behind blinds, or curtains, or it would hit right there the latch is, making me fear for its life all the time. So I tried it agains the paint in my bathroom and loved it. And now it hangs there.

And I love it.

I got a rediculous amount of stuff for Christmas. I cannot even try to list it all. I'm almost ashamed! I will share one cool thing, My mom found a vintage turquoise (love turquoise) sewing box. Like a tackle box, only made for sewing stuff. Anyhow it's pretty large and I totally needed one, I had all my notions in a cookie tin and they didn't fit. But that's not all, it was STUFFED with all sorts of fun stuff, trims, ribbon, binding, zippers, snaps and so on! WOOHOO. And my mom's good friend Patricia found me a lovely cordinating silk scarf and tied it on for maximum cuteness. Oh I also got Amy Butler's In Stitches. EVERYONE is getting pajama pants next year. HAHA.

PS CHARLANE (sp?) I can't find your email! Brian LOVES the Kinder Suprise Eggs. He was TOTALLY suprised and he's only done one because he's making them last. The one he did was a puzzle inside, which he told me is one of the stinkier prizes, but he's so happy to have them he doesn't really care. Thank you a million times. I was so pleased to see him so suprised.


M said...

This is very nice, and I'm not even that into octopodae :) I'm more of a jellyfish girl myself.

Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...

Hi Erin. That is so great that Brian was surprised about the Kinder Eggs. That is just too fun! You are very welcome! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy New Year!!

dana said...

Hello Erin! Thank you for leaving your comment on my 100th Post--YOU are officially entered in that EXCITING giveaway! :) You'll have to come back to my post next Sat. to see the lucky winner's name! It could be YOU! :)

Your blog is so fun---I am not necessarily an Octupi (sp) fan, but that stained glass number is awesome and I do like it hanging in your bath--great spot!

The quilt you made for your friend is wonderful!! I enjoyed seeing the change in the shapes as you cut the 9-Patches and reassembled them! I'm certain your friend must be thrilled!

I haven't read Twilight--but I, too, bought a copy---I should be smart like you and go the the library, but I caved and purchased one. Now that Christmas is over, I'll have more time to catch up on my books!

Have a great weekend. Dana