Thursday, December 11, 2008

Alice in Wonderland Christmas

I made a few Christmas cards last night. I used my Alice in Wonderland stamps on them. It's so icky out that this pic is the best I can do.

That scribble you just see a corner of is my newest obsession. Basicly I'm drawing patterns that I might later like to quilt. I'm talking about the actual free motion quilting. That one is just actually what I automatically do I think. But I'm trying to force myself to do some other patterns.

In other news: I am published in the current issue of Just Cards magazine. It's volume 12. I have six cards in there. TONS of my Stamp Shack friends have stuff in there too! How fun. I'm such a twit I see the magazines come out and think, "oh THAT'S what I did with that card!" like I forgot I sent it out.

I took the boys on my power walk today. In the stroller. It worked totally different muscles for some reason and I'm sore. POOP. But at least I'm sticking with it so that's happy.

Well back to cleaning. I'm trying to do lots of that today. I don't love cleaning but I love a clean house. I need a cleaning service... No just need to be less lazy.


Kim H. said...

Oh my heavens your ALICE in WONDERLAND cards ROCK!

Congratulations on getting published again!

Thanh said...

Congrats on your publication, Erin!

Cool beans with the Alice cards. I hope that Im the lucky recipient of one of them :P lol