Friday, December 05, 2008

Crafty Secrets

Well I have all this stuff I've made. But it's all secret! Can you believe that?

I made a really cool mini quilt for a swap. A really cool totally secret project for Kim. A really cool shopping spree for a Secret Santa swap with a group that swaps quilts. OH wait!!

I made these:

Couple of Super Hero capes. The "E" one really is that wonky. I do'nt mind, Ethan doesn't mind either. Oh and Stephen refuses to wear pants. It's not like I can force him. Well I could but I'll save force for more important issues.
I'm stalking UPS today. My purse from Macy's is out on delivery. I wish my driver all saftey and Godspeed. But he needs to get here RIGHT NOW. I'm going out tonight and I'd LIKE to use my purse. Every car that goes by I jump up!


Juanita said...

My kids keep answering the door next to naked. Embarrasing, but not really a big deal.
Great capes!

Kim H. said...

The capes are awesome! It if fun to see people without hat, mittens, and heavy coats on!

Can't wait for you to get your new purse!

Lola....L..O..L..A....lo--oh--luh! said...

You ordered the purse!!! Whew Hew!!!

Anonymous said...

Erin - the capes are super cute. Okay, now I'm going to put on my "Mother to All Children" hat. Please make sure that the ties on the cape that go around their necks is one that detaches easily. I personally know of a little boy who was accidently hung when his batman cape got on something. A better way to attach the capes is to just safety pin the cape to their shirt therefore nothing is around their neck. Okay, I'm done mothering everyone elses children.

Tami B. said...

Those are the most adorable capes ever. You are making such wonderful memories for your boys.