Sunday, November 30, 2008

Buttons. I like 'em.

I already had a nice collection of buttons. Maybe a canning jar's worth.

Then I had a gift certificate from the very generous Gina K. I decided to get some buttons. Well I couldn't decide... So I got ALL her buttons. (these are Basic Grey collection packs)

Then I found this box at a thrift store. I had to bring it home of course...

And look what was inside:Now I have a serious button collection.

And a bit of a button storage issue.
In other news:
On my vacation I was royally spoiled. I purchased myself these buttons and some fabric at Urban Outfitters, as well as a mini shopping spree at Ikea, mostly fabric. My mom gave me TONS of thrift finds, her friend Patricia gave me TONS of cleaning out her fabric room finds. Seriously I'm talking like 5 trash bags worth of craft stuff. And I already looked at all of it, it's all cool. I have no idea where I'm putting any of it. I need to clean my craft room before I do anything. That's all I know. And also my dad and stepmom did order me that amazing purse! And I got new jeans that fit great. And a chococat mirror, oh crap, better ballance the checkbook! haha.


Tami Bayer said...

What a treasure trove you got in that old box. I adore old buttons. I store alot of mine in glass canning jars by color. They look so pretty that way. Glad you had a great trip and you are getting the adorable purse :)

Charlene Austin (Willow01) said...

SCORE!! That is so fun! I have a button issue myself. I have 11 one litre size canning jars of buttons found at a thrift store. And I just love them all lined up in their jars. I can't bring myself to share with friends. haha. OH and beautiful purse. I want the B&W one!!

purplestevie said...


If you ever have any spare or unwanted buttons, come and list them for free at, only 3% final listing fee, come and join the many worldwide sellers of vintage and collectable clothing and sewing items.

Best wishes

Helena said...

OOh thats a vacation I would like to go on, you lucky thing

Hi Erin, I have just joined the Inspirational Team, and I am just popping by to say hi! HI!!!!


Clare said...

Hi Erin,

Ooh you lucky thing - I could eat button for breakfast I like them so much!

will you hoard or will you use?

Also just wanted to say Hi, I have joined the Inspriational Team.

love, Clare x

Gina K. said...

Those buttons all look so yummy!! I love big collections of stuff like that!

Lauren said...

Last year I saw a post on Amy O'Neil Houck's blog about sorting buttons into a hardware sorter for screws and bolts and such. I love mine. I can sort by color and type. It's really helped be control my button stash.

Jess and Rhet said...

Is this Erin Kellogg as in Tallahassee (Mormon Villa)? I tried to search for pictures to see, but apparently you don't like your photo taken. Kids? Do I see that correctly? Woo hoo. You crossed over?