Monday, November 10, 2008

A look into my mind... and Blog Candy.

I thought I'd talk you though how I design a sewn item. First I think about it. In my head. I'm not a huge sketcher. (can't draw very well) I wanted to make a curvy bag. With a single wide strap. That's all I knew. So I started.

This is art paper. I use whatever random scrappy paper I can find that is big enough. I need to buy some big cheap paper, this wasn't cheap.
First drawing was too boring. Also really wide and short, I find that shape is weird in a bag.

I liked the look of my second drawing, but it was still really wide (this is only half you see here)

This third drawing is a winner. (I mean I think so I guess you decide)

Here it is cut out. The curves are exagerated because I find they are less abrupt when I sew them.

Here's a lining. (this fabric by the way I got like 5 yards of, It's shirting, I got it all for a dollar!! at my thrift store)
Here's a strap accent.

Here's a whole fat strap.

And the finished bag. (lost steam on taking pictures for you). I ended up adding a layer of thin cotton batting inside the bag for stability (I'm out of interfacing), I did some hexagons for accent as well. The strap is interfaced (I had just that much, glad I saved that wonky long scrap!) It has a fabric covered button and grosgrain ribbon closure.

I love hexagons.
There is a little pocket inside. It's not the best pocket. I'm not sure what happened. it works though. (it's sewn a little crooked)
So I'm giving this bag as a blog giveaway. To play you have to just enter a comment on this post. Your comment has to have a way I can reach you. (click back to your blog, or list your email or whatever) If I can't reach the person within a few days I'll have to give it to someone else. I'll pick a winner on Wednesday. Wednesdays are sort of boring anyhow, maybe this will brighten it up for someone.
There is, however one rule. The bag is navy blue and orange. I love this combo. But I live in Florida. I graduated from Florida State (GO NOLES). Anyone can win the bag, BUT do NOT use it as a Florida Gator bag. Don't wear it with all your horrid Florida Gator clothes and let people compliment you on your great Gator bag. Dont' do it! If you wear it with your Gator Gear and anyone says anything you must say, "Oh it's not a Gator bag, it just happens to match" Got it? Understood? haha (this part is all in jest... sorta)
ALSO: I'm tired of storing the stuff I have listed on Etsy. So I took HUGE price cuts on all of it. If you thought you might want something I had take another look because it's all cheap now. HERE. I think I'm tired of selling on Etsy, I just have so much more fun making stuff for gifts/giveaways. I'm looking into some things I could do for charity too. So I think I'm going to sell this stuff and then be done.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love it! I love seeing how you made it! WHY do I never do that! Love it! I would never think of using it as Gator bag! SMILE!

flipflops4sherri said...

I didn't even know it was gator colors so you know I "will not" say "That's my gator bag". LOL This is really a cute bag. You sure are making alot of cute bags!! Sherri

TJ said...

So cute Erin! I would not wear it as Gator Gear... the only teams I root for are those my children play on and since they are only 6 & 8 and not child prodigies I don't think they'll be attending college anytime soon. Where is the Pillsbury Dough Boy fabric in this bag? I love the Dough Boy.

hoth2os said...

oh erin you always make me laugh! I loved waking up to this in my box (email box people....) this morning! I love your bag. It is adorable. It would look so cute on my with my jeans and my orange tunic. =)

jules p said...

this is a cute bag. you sew so well. I wish I could sew like this.
thanks for such a nice blog candy.

jules p

imisstx at comcast dot net

Kimberlie (Kimber4m) ( said...

Erin- so super cute!! I try to read your blog when I can because it always makes me smile. You have the funniest sense of humor. The bag is awesome!! And since I am from about as far in the US you can get away from Florida without leaving the country, I would have never thought of it being a Gator bag. Just another super cute by Erin Design!!!

TJ said...

I just realized ... the dough boy "fabric" is your IRONING BOARD! hahahahaha! Ok, you have a ROCKIN' ironing board. I would be jealous but I don't iron so it's all good.