Monday, November 03, 2008

Babies Everywhere.

Brian has a baby shower at work this week. His coworker is having twins, one girl one boy, how adorable is that? (I mean adorable for HER, I'm happy with my non-twin-having-self) So we got her a HUGE box of baby wipes at Costco and Brian wanted me to sew something too.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to do monkies, or bibs, or burp cloths or what. Then I decided to do a changing pad. I made a little bag for it too. The bag is SUPER simple, just a quick bag, only big enough for the changing pad I made, one of those travel boxes of wipes and a few diapers. My idea is that she can leave this in her car for emergencies. I know I've had my share of emergencies! OR she can pack the whole whole thing in her larger diaper bag and then when she takes a baby into the changing area she can just grab this out. (I use a gallon zipper storage bag and a disposable changing pad for this, haha)

And here is the changing pad. It's got vinyl on the front and back for easy cleaning. Not my favorite ever Iron ON Vinyl, but regular ole sew on kind. (I'm trying REALLY hard not to buy anything for a while) The plaid is some home dec weight stuff I got on crazy clearance. I have like 3 yards of it. It's padded too, so no babies will hurt their cute little heads on it. It really is this shiny, I guess it's just for butts though, it doesn't have to be the MOST lovely thing ever...
You may be interested to know I won my OWN eye cake at the cakewalk! Which worked out perfectly. My Stephen is allergic to peanuts (and a handful of other things) so I cut a few slices out of my cake for us at the dinner, then put the rest on the dessert table for everyone to enjoy. It got all eaten up. Oh and it was REALLY good too, the cake was super moist. Stephen was thrilled. (He doesn't always get to have dessert at these things because I can't tell what ingredients people use)

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runningonink said...

The bag is and change pad is adorable! A perfect gift!

Oh what fun to get your own cake back! Yummy! I want cake now!