Wednesday, November 26, 2008

First time being pulled over... how's your vaca going?

Today I was pulled over for the first time in my life.

Me, Brian, the boys and my dad went to Duffy's for dinner. Got some wings to bring back for Gramma Sue. I had to stop at Publix for that sore throat spray as I STILL have a cough.

Suddenly lights in my rear view. I was barely speeding, like 2 or 3 over. But whatever, I pull over. Now, never having been pulled over I start to get out of the car. Brian and my dad, pros at this, yell at me, "Don't get out of the car!" and "What are you doing?" Apparently you do not get out of the car here in FL.

I also realized at this point that I don't have my license. I didn't plan on driving, but as I had to pop out to get the throat spray and I was otherwise goign to be jammed in the back with the kids I drove that short leg of the trip for convience. So you see it's all because I need a minivan that this happened.

Ok so she comes up, it's a girl cop. OH lights on her car are SO bright I can't see anything in my rear view so I have no idea where she is until she appears in my window. She says, "I pulled you over because I ran your license plate and it doesn't match this car." Now this is a shock! I give her my registration. Explain that I don't have my license due to my being a spaz. (don't say it like that) She checks it out and it is all good. Then she tells me that I really should have the license on me, but to have a good Thanksgiving, and also that my car smells like chicken wings. (I assume this is better than it smelling like beer or pot right?)

And that is the exciting story of my first time being pulled over. :)

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Denise ~ Paper Ponderings said...

I was pulled over recently for the first time too...because, of call things, the light for the license plate had burned out. I think the policeman was bored!