Thursday, November 27, 2008

Maxine and Earl. A Thanksgiving Story

Maxine or "Aunt Max" is my dad's wife's aunt. Max has Alzheimer's. Her late husband Uncle Bob also was afflicted. I'm not sure why some people are so peaceful in the disease and some are so... unpeaceful. Uncle Bob was no picnic. Max is a dream. She's happy, cheered by all things. She doesn't remember us from one visit to the next, but she doesn't mind, she's happy as can be to see us anyhow.

So Max, understandably, missed Bob a great deal when he passed away before her a few years ago. But now to the part I'm thankful for.

Max has met Earl. Earl I don't know his story as well. Just as the Godsend he has been to our Max. The two hit it off right away at the assisted living facility. They are actually in thier second facility, as the could not be seperated. Earl is more mentally present then our Max. They are in a quiet peaceful love too. Max doesn't remember much from before Earl. I'm not sure if he does or not but he's happy with Max. They spend thier days together. They are quiet. The live quiet lives, they go to the Bingo, and other activities. But they do it together.

I can't tell you what it means to me to know that even in the late winter of life new love can be discovered. They don't have passion, they don't have even memories to draw them close, but they have comfort and recognition. And they have love.

And that's what I'm thankful for most today.

That and the fact that neither myself or my children have any idea what it means to go without food or love. We are so blessed it's hard to believe.

I hope whatever you do today you have food and love. And if you are in your life's winter I hope you have enough love and comfort to keep that winter warm.


Kim H. said...

What a beautiful story! I feel so very blessed everyday for all the love and food I have! I cherish our friendship! HUGS! xoxox

Cinda said...

Very touching!!
Thanks for sharing and making me even more thankful for what I have!

Anonymous said...

Erin, you have just written such a beautiful tribute to Max and Earl. Your words are so wonderful and heartwarming.
Marcia, Lani and Gram

Juanita said...

I am so happy Max and Earl have found one another. I am happy it makes your family happy.

Tami Bayer said...

What a beautiful love story. You touched my heart today. Thank you.