Friday, November 28, 2008

Thou shalt not covet

Oh but I do.

THIS purse, in the blue multi, is the single most perfected item for carrying things I've ever seen. I have never even remotely considered buying a hundred dollar purse, not even on sale for $75. I am DIZZY with my desire for this purse though. It will haunt my dreams. Can I make a purse anything like this? I do not know. Can I do it for $75 I do not know. There must be a mile of interfacing in it, it's so sturdy, then there is the leather, real, nice leather, and those little metal feet things on the bottom... and all the pockets. I think I'd need 4 yards of fabric to make it.

Crap, I should have gotten it. My dad was there, he's looking for a Christmas gift idea. CRAP CRAP CRAP.

In the mean time go view it's lovelyness. The black and white is nice too, but it's the blue that is breaking my little heart.

ETA> Crisis is over. My stepmom is buying me the purse. Swoon.,


Kim H. said...

That purse is awesome! I hope you can make it or get it! I have done that same CRAP CRAP CRAP with my dishes for 3 years now! I am so so happy that I got them! Joe made me go back and get 2 more sets so I have 6 settings now!

Tami Bayer said...

That's such a pretty purse. You can sew a purse, Erin. My mom makes them all the time. She quilts the pieces of the purse before sewing it together instead of using interfacing. It gives a nice body to the purse.

Jessica said...

great find! keep hoping you'll get it for Christmas

Anonymous said...

Very pretty, but I would think you would choose the red multi or stripe. But all are very pretty, probably even more so in "person".
Marcia, Lani and Gram

M said...

I own a purse in this same color/pattern family (the biggest one they make). It is beautiful, and you'll just love it!

I've never splurged like that on a purse before, but I have to admit that every time I look at it or someone compliments it I am just so happy.

Enjoy :) :) :)