Sunday, August 24, 2008

Zip bag for Frenchy Bag.

So remember THIS bag I made my friend Kim? Well it's a pretty big bag so I'm sure a smaller zip bag for inside will be appreciated. That way she won't loose the necessaries.

So I made this today:

It has a flat bottom, I JUST learned how to do this. Thank you internet.
It's a shame this pic is blurry, but this is a flower cut out of the floral print, then fused onto the stripe, then satin stitched on with my machine in the teensiest little satin stitch.
Here is the inside view. Lined with the floral. I have to say though I thought, "hey I'll make it in the reverse colors from her bag, that way it will be cool." But it goes INSIDE the bag of course, and so it will be stripe on stripe. Good thing I used that Thrift Find lime green zipper, maybe that will help her find it in the bag. *I'm sorta kidding, the bag is large, but not so huge you can't find a zip bag*
Let's not discuss the stitching error right here on the zipper. It's the inside of the zipper on a bag that goes on the inside of a bag. Also I'm sure Kim won't mind. She's cool like that.

Oh another thing about this bag it is my first time shortening a zipper! It totally worked. You just figure out where you want it to end, stitch there a few times, NOT with your machine with a needle and thread. Stitch it closed there. Then cut a bit past there. Bam, shortened zipper. It's important knowledge for me because I bought a ton of really long zippers at the thrift store. I wasn't thinking about what I'd make with them, just liked the colors. but they are all 24+ inches! I'm not making a zipper bag that big. At least not to night.

In other news:

Me and the boys have had colds. I still have a touch, so do they, but we are feeling lots better.

Power stayed on all day today, thank heavens, If you have a touch of a fever and no power and it's hot and humid, it stinks.

Sue had to go BACK into the hospital. Apparently they tore or punctured her heart putting the pacemaker in. This was causing it to leak blood in the area around it. *I know, ewww* So apparently this is NOT uncommon! And they think it will heal on it's own, they just have to keep it drained. The idea that it's not uncommon sorta gives me a tummy ache, but I guess it's good, the mood was not one of panic when I spoke to them. Last I heard she was coming home today. I will find out the latest tomorrow. Thank you all for your continued prayers.


Kim H. said...

This zipper pouch is go going to rock in my new bag! I can't wait! I do not even see the stitching error!

Continuing to keep Sue in my prayers!

BeckyB said...

Very cute Erin!
Hope your MIL is feeling better soon. I've missed you-how have you been?

Lola said...

You want to know how fun it is to put Vinyl inside those wristlets??? OK! Maybe I am a little obsessed!!!

Lola said...
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