Monday, August 11, 2008

Cute Monday

I've decided to do a feature. "Cute Monday" Every Monday I will link you to some of the cutest things I've found on the net. A lot will come from Etsy, because I stalk it like crazy. Also some from the blogs I read and love. If anyone sees something they think should be on Cute Monday you just let me know. *It can be your OWN cuteness, I don't mind*

Today I'm looking at monsters and robots mostly so that's what you will find here today.

From Etsy *which means you might can OWN these goodies!*

Crap Monster
Robot outfit with adorable kid
One eyed octopus
Grave/Ghost play set
Cinnamon needle felted doll
Tea Monster
Eye Stalk Friend
Dragon Toy

And from blogs:

Pile o’ Cute
Sweet mushroom pouch
Hedgehog pincushion.
Another Pile o’ Cute

I hope to have a longer list next week. I only decided to do Cute Monday about an hour ago but didn't want to loose the ambition! haha.

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