Monday, August 18, 2008

Gnomes and Mushroom

Firs I'd like to thank my yard for sprouting a patch of mushrooms right in time to take pics of gnome crafts.

This is a little pencil bag. You could put makeup stuff, or whatever you want in there.
Inside view. It's lined with sweet yellow fabric. There is also interfacing in there because I felt this particular bag needed it.
Here is a more squareish one.
Inside view of square bag. Still has the yellow and the interfacing.
If you have a pumpkin tummied kid on hand you can use them to hold your bag by it's little loop made of ricrak.

*Stephen just said, "hey there is me and there's my little pokey button thing" while pointing out his belly button in this pic*


Anonymous said...

WOW EK you are super talented. Great sewing skills


Kim H. said...

WOWZERS these totally rock! I love the gnomes!

Novell said...

Love the gnomes, Erin! Stephen's little pokey button is cute, too.