Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Frenchy Bag

So few weeks ago Kim *Oh look, Kim's got blog candy today!* and I were chatting online while looking at Etsy. She found THIS bag pattern that she loved. *Buy anything Sewlovefabrics has. She shipped super fast, included fabric samples and had great presentation.* I offered to sew it for her if she bought the supplies AND let me keep the pattern. She agreed. So I found some cute fabric at Hobby Lobby, which Kim liked as well and made the bag!

Here it is: There is actually a flaw here at this part, I'll show a better pic in a second.
It closes inside with a magnetic snap.

Here you can see the inner pockets. Although I'd call them more of dividers. I mean they are as big as the whole bag. See how closley those strips are lining up? It was chance. I was thrilled! Here you can see the divider pocket thingie better. So there are three inner sections.
Here is where I screwed it up. See how the stitching goes all weird at the button? I wasn't careful enough to keep the lining in place as I stitched this part. It doesn't affect the bag really though.

And there you have it! I just finished. Kim already saw it in email. If I was better at suprises I'd have mailed it but I can't wait to show it off!

Now I can't decide if I want to make this same one for me or if I want to do it with some of THESE fabrics.

Oh and the Amy Butler pattern is SUPER nice, really easy to follow.


Kim H. said...

IT is a super duper gorgeous bag! I love it so much! SMILE!

Linda B said...

I can't see the flub my dear. I am so glad you made a happy bag for Kim.

I love you guys,


Thanh said...

This is so fab, Erin! You really are getting better with each project. I love the colours in the fabric.

Debbie, said...

This is super duper cute! Are you going to sell some in your Etsy shop? I love Amy Buter fabric. ;)

Chelsey said...

Erin this is too cute! would you ever trace the patteren out for me? wrapping paper (teh cheap stuff) works great for tracing patterens. If you could i can pay you for shipping or what ever. Thanks,

Beate said...

Oh, how cute! Nice to "meet" you. :)