Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm soooo bummed

Yesterday after the post about my purchases I decided I've spent enough. I have more fabric than I could ever put away and we ALL know I have a lifetime supply of paper, stamps and ink.

So I went on a No-Buy until October.

That' was cool.

Then last night I happily sewed up two dolls, a special request from a friend. They are super cute I'll show you later after she gets them.

This morning I got up early and cut all the pieces to make my octopus Frenchy bag. I had promised myself to make all the other stuff I needed first, all the stuff for friends. It was finally my time! I REALLY want this bag people.

My freaking fracking machine is on the fritz!!! I'm heartbroken. For some time it's done this thing where the bottom thread doesn't pull the top thread down, so the top sits on the top with loops of the bottom thread. Like the tension is off, but all random and adjusting the tension doesn't help. Usually if I rethread my machine it fixes this problem for me. I'm not sure what's up but whatever, rethread was working. Well now rethreading will NOT work. I can't sew my octopus bag! :( It's all cut and stuff too, and that's my least favorite part! I'm so angry and sad and I don't know what to do. Brian thinks I should take it to get serviced. I'm mad at it and want to buy a new one. I mean I don't want to spend a bunch of money getting it serviced just to find it won't fix it, then still have to get a new one. I only need a super simple machine, I need straight and zigzag, and I'd like a normal foot, a zipper foot and a walking foot. I think I could get all that for not a ton of money right? I don't need 65 fancy pants stitches. Anyhow I'm so sad.

I thought I'd share.


Christine (Craftling) said...

Well, I can't really relate as I'm nota sewer, BUT sending you virtual hugs anyway.. (and I give the BEST hugs! You'll just have to imagine it, though.)

Chris xx

pescbrico said...

Erin, maybe you have tried that allready but I had that problem with my machin and to solve it I had to clean the part with you put the bottom thread. If their is screws there undo them to get a better access and try to remove as much lints as you can. You can use the vacuum to help you. You will be surprise how much stuff can get in there and it's often the solution. I sure hope it will be for you! I'm sorry I don't leave closer you could have use my machine at least to make that bag you want so much!
Good luck!