Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Today's sewing

Today I worked on the lace trim on the quilt. I attached it to the top part of the quilt, then I'm stitching it shut with turned edges. I'm stitching that seam twice too just to make sure it's secure. (have this vision of the lace part coming off in a loop big enough for a baby's head to get stuck in. Because I'm macabre like that) I'm not done with it, but I got bored.
So I sewed up a little lined tote. It's pretty small, I'm thinking I could put a book or a notebook and a pen in there? I'm thinking to put some reading goodies in then leave it in my car. When I find myself bored at the park with the kids I can have something to look at.
Here is the inside. Both of these fabrics were on clearance at Joannes. I think I pad $2 for both together and I still have a ton of the red. The print used exactly a fat quarter. EXACTLY.


Kim H. said...

Gorgeous tote bag! I love the colors! Anyone could use them!

Love how the baby blanket is coming along!

Thanh said...

The blanket is coming along so well Erin! The tote is a great size, you'll be able to put many items in it without getting too heavy (unless you put heavy items in it... lol)