Thursday, August 28, 2008

Recent purchases.

I ordered these awesome Octopode metal charms from and they came in like two days. Hurray! And of course they are stinking cute. And they included these fun charms with my purchase.
I also ordered some octopus fabric from It also came really quick. This fabric is so nice.
Here this shows the other print.
I'm going to make this Amy Butler bag again. This one for ME!!!
We stopped at Ikea on our way to Sea World yesterday. *yes, I'm blessed* I HAD to stop because I read somewhere on a blog that they sell fabric. And boy do they! Not tons and tons of selection, but what they had was all fresh and fun. Also CHEAP. The most expensive was $7.99 a yard. But it's decorator weight fabric, and wider than quilt fabric too, so it is really great. I got a bunch see:
Yummy close up shot.


Lola said...

I haven't been to IKEA yet, but I'm going to go now. Those fabrics are great!

Kim H. said...

Gorgeous yummy fabrics IKEA ROCKS! What great stuff you gotten! Can't wait to see your bag!

Suzi said...

Erin, I just have to say, YOU ROCK!! OUT LOUD!! I've not been giving "my" blogs the proper attention lately and missed some fabulous works by YOU!!! LOVE the bird!!