Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Octopus Bag, and Iron on vinyl

I made my octopus bag after getting home with my working sewing machine yesterday. Interestingly, this was my thrid bag and the WORST one! :( I messed up when I did the top stitching so it's not all lined up right and that makes a tiny pucker that no one but me will ever notice. Also my LEAST favorite bag error. One strap is slightly longer than the other. This is the PITS. When this happens that strap tends to slide off your sholder making you look like a slovenly twit. Errrrrrr! But if I put that strap on first, like make sure the other side of the bag faces out it stays on, so I'll just do that because I love my bag too much to not enjoy it.

So that being said here is my bag! Same Amy Butler Frenchy pattern. I am getting Kim's money's worth out of that pattern I tell you what!

Here is the inside view. I somehow cut the seahorse fabric wrong and didn't have enough for the interior pocket, but I don't mind the interior pocket being cut from the octopus fabric at all, so that's fine.
I felt I needed a zip pouch too. I'm a HUGE fan of Lola... again. She sews a lot, and is generally crafty and fabulous. Anyhow recently she bought an entire bolt of iron on vinyl. I am jealous, but as entire bolts of vinyl are not on my budget just yet I bought a yard of it a few days ago at Joanne's. (before the no-buy of course) So I ironed it onto a scrap of the octopus fabric. I read on the literature that comes with it that you can iron on both sides for double sided vinyl. So I did that. Then I made this zip. Oh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my zipper foot. I really thought I was so clever sewing zips with no zipper foot, but SHEESH, get a zipper foot people!The yellow zipper I had in my thrift store find zipper stash. (which is getting low! the horror) I keep my son's epi-pen, sunscreen, chapstick, medicines, tampons... all that stuff you don't want getting burried in the bottom of your purse. I love it! I'm so pleased. I took it all to church today. I fully expected to show it off and collect my compliments. (I love compliments) but only my friend Savin saw it. Then I got asked to substitute in Nursery. It was fun, but alas, the 2 and 3 year olds didn't care about my awesome purse! Stinkers! haha.


Jennifer said...

Erin these are super! I'm having so (or I should say SEW) much fun watching you grow as a seamstress and seeing all of your fabulous creations. Keep 'em coming!!

Lola said...

I love your bag...and your vinyl bag too!!
I'm NEVER fond of substituting in nursery...maybe it's because my life is nursery!!

flipflops4sherri said...

I love your Octopus bag and I love the tiny bag to go with it. Its SEW pretty!! Keep on sewing!! You are having SEW much fun!!

Kim H. said...

It turned out gorgeous! The vinyl bag totally rocks! You are sew talented!

Amy said...

Erin, your bags look wonderful! I really love the vinyl application. I had never seen that stuff before and now you've got me wanting to try it out myself.

Suz Loves to Scramp said...

This is the most awesome-est bag ever! I {heart} the coordinating make-up/accessory bag!

These bags totally ROCK!

Hugs from FL,