Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stephen's Rabbit

I'm sure it will only be moments until Ethan ripps it. But look what Stephen made:

He brought me all these little scraps and said, "Mommy, these things are making a rabbit" I didn't see it at first so he arranged it for me. There wasn't the nose. I tried to tell him a heart makes a nice nose, but he said, "My nose isn't a heart, it's two circles, so can we make two circles for a nose" Of course we can. So I glued it all down for him.
The circle is actually from stickers from the dollar place at Michaels. Because of this all the stuff isn't sticking. After I took this picture I covered it all with tape to help it not fall apart. If I had a laminating machine I'd break it out, I think this bunny is super duper cute.


Kim H. said...

Great job Stephen! It is so cute, just like you!

Thanh said...

So cute Stephen!

Mary said...

Yaaay Stephen! Love your bunny. Good job mister.