Sunday, August 24, 2008

Robot swap sneak peeks. And a little birdie

Well I've been of with the Tropical Storm coming through and an entire day of no power, AND I had a cold. But I have stuff to share!

I'm in a Robot Swap hosted by Claire Payne. It's entirely likely that my partner might stumble upon my blog so I'm just going to post sneak peeks of what I made her.
And also this item:
I also made this today:
Why, it's a little text print birdie!
He came in the house for a bit too.
Bird pattern is found HERE. *thank you pattern designer*


Kim H. said...

Oh what fun your robot stuff is! I love your birdie! It totally rocks! The picture of Brian with on top his head makes me SMILE!

Mel M. M. M. said...

Awesome! Love the sewing! You're making me wanna stitch something! Can't wait to see the robot and the bag and bird are TOO cute! Wicked photos! :o)

Ayama-chan said...

He he he, I didn't cheat and peek but sheesh you have been a busy blogger.... I have been catching up on blog posts.... Lovely, lovely stuff. I had a Making Monday Toddler craft playgroup date at my place today and the other mums asked me to pass on their compliments. They loved 'bot. He was the most coverted item to play with....