Monday, August 04, 2008

What I created today.

First we have Octo-Dogs. I made two plates of this. They are catching these fish to eat. They have catsup eyes. They are stinking adorable if I do say so myself. *and I do, so that's final*
I also made this much of a quilt. This beige fabric was the only thing that even sorta went with all these other colors. I think maybe white would have been better but so many had white or whiteish backgrounds I was afraid it would look weird. Anyhow I'm going to finish it with some red I think and red or blue or black edging stuff, heck, what's that called, you know, that finishing stuff. *is it binding?* I will do the reverse side with something cheerful. I might do the actual quilting with red thread to make it pop? I dunno. It's my first quilt in a really long time. The fabric I got from Fabric Supply HERE. That link goes directly to the item I bought but look around she has lots of adorable Japanese fabrics. Also she shipped quick AND finally I wanted fabric she didn't currently have listed and she checked for me then did me a custom listing for it. So GREAT service from Fabric Supply on Etsy. Oh I'm talking about the squares of cute fabrics, the beige I got at a thrift store.
Anyhow I'm not a great quilter but it's cute in spite of it's imperfections right? I think so at least.

I also made a sun costume and a wind one for the boys for a skit we are doing for Family Home Evening. They are not amazing, I basicly sewed shirts and then drew the sun and wind then let the boys paint them. So yeah, they are a mess! haha. I got the idea for the skit from Barney, yes, the TV show. So we will put on that skit for Brian then play Hungry Hungry Hippos. Fun stuff!


Ruth said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, the fabrics in that quilt are really cute.

pescbrico said...

Erin, we have to start somewhere when we quilt and I love what you made :) Keep going it's really cute!

Kim H. said...

This is so cute! I love it! HHH is fun but so loud! You are rocking with sewing!

Cathrine StClair said...

Hey! We make those hot dog things too!. I cut the legs and then a little slit for a mouth and little cut out triangles for eyes. When you throw them in boiling water they get all twisty. (the mac-n-cheese with it is "coral" - maybe I sould serve shell mac?)

I like the quilt - great fabrics. I don't have patience for sewing!

Aunt T said...

I love your food art Erin. I bet the boys were so excited to eat their dinner! Great job on the quilt. I love the beige background.

Super job!


Jen said...

Love the octopus dogs! And you did great on the quilt!

ittybittybirdy said...

hehe Octo-dog! Thats the silliest, yummiest idea ever!