Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Giant Mouse

A few weeks ago while thrifting I found a mouse pattern. HERE is a post on my Thrift Finds blog about it. It's Avon and it's really old. REALLY old. 1973.

Well I finally sewed it up today. HOW CUTE IS HE? I'm totally in love. I thought he was going to be a lot smaller, but he's huge.
Here is a close up of his cute face.
Sorry the pics are not the best. I only get great pics in sunlight and we are having a tropical storm today. *It's not bad at all, just rainy and keeping me from taking great pics*

My stepmom is still in the hospital. There were some complications with the pacemaker they installed. It should all be fine, but she is having more tests and adjustments made. So your continued prayers are appreciated. Her name is Sue if you are interested.

On the Frenchy Bag: The pattern is copyright to Amy Butler. I cannot copy it for anyone. You can buy one on Etsy and probably other places. It's a GREAT pattern and I highly recomend it. I also cannot sell bags made from it, although the idea that you want to buy a bag I made is very flattering. Amy Butler's copyright is very clear on this issue. *I also found out that MOST patterns are copyrighted to where you cannot sell things made from them* I hope you all understand.

More on the bag: I AM going to get me some of that rad octopus fabric to make one. I just have to figure out which colors I want to use. But seriously, the idea of an octopus handbag is more than I can resist.

And finally, I just found out that I need a whole new AC system. Mine is crappy and old. It's not worth repairing. So head over to the Etsy store and help mama pay for a new AC! haha *kidding about that part, you buy stuff if you wanna*


Kim H. said...

awww this mouses is super cute! Love the you used green and pink!

Jenn said...

Well.. that is just the sweetest little mouse I ever saw!

Tami Bayer said...

What a wonderful mouse, erin. I love the cheese he is holding. Oh, and the purse down below is amazing. LOVE it. You are quite a wonderful seamstress.

TJ said...

That lil mouse is CRAZY adorable!! I love her! You know I'm still praying for Sue ... please tell her I'm thinking of her, OK? Hugs, TJ

Thanh said...

Will be keeping Sue in my thoughts Erin.

Anonymous said...

I love the mouse and the cheese he has. Very very cute. Spartymom