Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A busy but nice day

I imagine this is how people with jobs feel.

I taught my Birthday Calendar class twice today. It took over 3 hours each time, so that's practicly a full day's work. It went really well. I had fun students in both sessions. The night girls all got a little silly, which of course I love. In both I had people who have taken from me before so that helps. (Helps with my nervousness, I get nervous, I'm sure you would never had guessed)

I'm feeling much better health wise too. I'm still getting tired easily, but I don't have any congestion left. The boys have some still but they are such troupers when they are sick, they still play and run around and smile. Not their mommy, I'm a big wimp when I'm sick.

I don't have anything to show you today so I'm going to tell a funny Stephen story instead:

Stephen is two if you don't know, about two and a half actually. So he has a few tiny chores. (because I'm a big fan of forced labor) One of them is feeding the cats. I help of course. So I get down the huge tub of cat food and hand it to him. Because it's almost full we have this conversation:

S: Dis bowls heavy mommy
M: I know, can you carry it?
S: yeah
M: Cuz you gots mad skillz? (because I want him to appreciate all cultures... nah, because I'm a nut!)
S: No mommy, I gots happy skillz.

Now how can a girl stay down with that kind of interjection in to normal daily chores.

Ok, everyone! I'll make something out of paper and put it on here tomorrow.


Kathy said...

I'm glad that you're feeling better and the conversation with your son is priceless!!!!!

Littlekel90 said...

This was so cute!! I had to read it to my son this morning before he left for school--kind of a remember when type of thing--since he is now 14 years old. I love those BD calendars!

Btw, thanks for the comment on my Santa and Elzybells cards :) You are too gracious.