Sunday, November 25, 2007

Everyone loves cupcakes

It's a fact, everyone loves cupcakes. This bird loves them so much he needed to have seven of them.

The cupcake is from a stamp that has the cake and a little "happy birthday" under it. I would never use them together so I cut those suckers apart, so now I have a cupcake and a "happy birthday" I stamped the scooter first, then the bird, then the cupcakes. Bottom first, then on up. I actually only planned for him to have one cupcake, but Stephen was there, and he likes the number seven (and on that topic, who likes certain numbers? That's a little strange right?) so he said I should so that many and I thought maybe he was right. I certainly think seven is funnier than one. I stamped the cupcake again on the pink band with versamark ink and some layering and a bit of cutting and it was done. :)
Bird and scooter are by justjohanna (and did you know the "h" is silent? Did I tell you that already? If not now you know.) The cupcake is from those famous "dollar bins at Michaels" and the "happy birthday" is by greengrass rubberstamps. I colored with copic markers and some pencil for shading.

*this was done before Thanksgiving. I hope you all had lovely Thanksgivings, I didn't. Me and Stephen were really sick, I couldn't even taste the food! That is beyond depressing. I got no sleep and that made me very crabby, we were out of town at my Daddy's too, which is usually awesome but when you are very sick it's not. Now Ethan and Brian have it. I feel very badly about this. It's a snotty thing, major congestion. No fever or anything, just really tons of snot. There is not a lot you can give an 18 month old for that. I am feeling a bit better, I'm quite sure we will all recover. All that being said I know I have a ton to be thankful for.*


Suzi said...

I don't know if this will make you feel better or worse about Stephen: Not only do I LIKE certain numbers better, the numbers have relationships with each other. 3 & 7 are "bad" numbers but since they make ten, they are "friends" with each other. 4 & 6 are also friends but, 4 & 8 hate each other. Not only that, 4 doesn't like that 6 & 8 make 14; it's like 6 is cheating w/8 to make a four.

This is a theory that somehow came to me during a piano lesson when I was like in 4 or 5 grade. It still comes to me every now & again when I help MY 5th grader w/math. The theory never made it too much past those 5 numbers.

Are you REALLY scared about the way my mind works now??

colleen said...

Oh Erin, I hope you are feeling better. Sorry to hear about your bummer of a thanksgiving. Your bird card is just tooo darn cute. (Speaking of those JJ stamps...have you heard anything about the DT yet??? I remember you sending in some submissions...) Hugs to you.

Cindi said...

I'm sorry erin, that you & Stephen were sick, and noe Brian & Ethan..what a stinky bummer! I hope
you all feel better soon!

Emilia said...

Hope you two are getting better now...This is great card! I love the scooter with cupcakes!! cutie!