Saturday, November 17, 2007

More cards from last night's crop.

Here are the other two cards I made last night.
These stamps are by Gina K. (Carolyn King collection) Isn't that doggie's face adorable? I mean just look at it! This may be the most adorable dog ever. And a bird on his head! I couldn't stand it if this stamp was any cuter. I'm really digging this torn paper background technique. You will see it again on my next card. The brads are from the "dollar spot" at Target. I love Target, not as much as Costco of course. I colored the doggie with copics. The main card is by Bazzill and it comes like this all scalloped. I'm nagging my LSS to get more of these in. They sat on the shelf for a bit then all the sudden everyone bought them, I think they have one sheet of blue left. I'm trying to leave it for some other stamper, but if it's there next time I'm taking it!

These stamps are also Gina K. It was one stamp, but I cut it apart so I could use the sun on other things, as it's a particularly cute sun. I did the torn paper background again. Honestly I think I like this because I don't like coloring sky. The sand castle and sun are colored with copics. Oh and we all know I don't have the name of the paper company. I'm going to try harder to get that for you.
Of note: My son this morning got up at the crack of 8! Shocking! So I was laying on the couch with him and he was watching TV. He's two. The Joy of Painting came on PBS right after some PBS cartoon. I sat up to change the channel, because of course he would want more cartoons? NOPE! He wanted to watch the soothing Bob Ross paint happy trees. He stood near the TV and watched every stroke, anticipated where Bob would put a tree or a bird. He loved it. It made me very happy. I used to watch Bob Ross with my dad growing up.


Jen said...

Totally cute! Love the brads on the bottom of the doggy card!

Heather Grow said...

More cute cards. You must have been super crafter last night.

Vanessa said...

lovely cards, and the stamps are really cute!

Anonymous said...

Totally GREAT cards you made!!