Friday, November 30, 2007

I'm published.

Hurray! So my good friends Sherri and Ethel were all excited to be in the current issue of Take Ten magazine. Of course they were and I was thrilled for them. Then guess what?? Sherri got her copy and told me that I'm in there too! I couldn't be in better company.

I haven't seen it yet. I'm going to wait for my issue to come in the mail, although between me and you it's tempting to run right out and buy it!

You can see the cover and order it if you choose here. (of course you know I'm going to encourage you to get it from your favorite Local Stamp Store if they sell it) I'm way excited because I am 90% sure they carry this at the store I hang out at and if so I can force all my friends to buy it. (Friends, you know what's coming) Of course I'm teasing!

Sherri's card you can actually see on that link, if you scroll down it is the adorable one with the underdrawers on a line with tiny close pins. Oh and that's just one of her cards in there. I can't tell if any of the sample ones are Ethel's and I know none are mine. Sherri told me I have 5 in there, 3 Papertrey ones on one page, then a one with The Cat's Pajamas and one with a Stampin' Up set.

So that's all very exciting. :) I also got GREAT mail today. Like crazy insane great mail. Like better than Christmas great mail. (not better than the birth of Jesus, you know what I mean)


Jane said...

Congrats! You might have to send them an email. They've forgotten to notify me a couple times and I've had to email them to get a copy. If your issue doesn't show up in the next week I'd be bugging them!


Tejal said...

Congrats! Way to go...I don't get the mag maybe you'll have to get a screenshot when you get the copy and share it..

Colleen said...

Awesome news!!! Congrats!