Friday, November 30, 2007

More Christmas... and some other birds.

I got a large shipment of justjohanna stamps today and you know what I had to do. Yeah, make cards. :) All these cards are all justjohanna.
This is another of the tall cards I've been making, I stamped the border stamp a few times to go all the way across, then cut the scallop part off. I need some really good white ink. Who has some? Anyhow I drew the frame around the bird and colored the bird and the inside of the frame with watercolor pencil, then went over with perfect pearls. White pen for the dots inside the snowflakes. The inside says Season's Greeting, which makes it a Christmas card.
This bird card is really similar to other bird cards I've made. I LOVE to make birds drive this scooter. I love it so much that although for months this has been my only bird I have several more now so expect to see a whole pack of birds driving this scooter. I paper pieced the bird and the scooter. Then that same ole paper tear background, drawn road. I drew the Santa hat, that makes it a Christmas card. (I'm trying to get them done, so almost all my cards right now are getting Christmased up.)
Just look at these owls!!! I mean LOOK at them. You can't stand it they are so cute. Ok, I colored them with colored pencils, then their eyes with the white. I believe this makes the eyes really stand out nicely. Whenever I have a stamp where I really want the white to stand out like a white animal or something I do it on a colored background then color it white. (Or I try to, sometimes I'm on auto pilot and just stamp on white anyhow) I drew the hats. The red paper was already embossed, it's by Karen Foster. See how the one corner is coming up? I'm going to go fix that right now. I think it's because of the brads, but I'll show it who is boss.
This one is fun. The flowers are actually not flowers at all! They are this birdcage stand turned upside down. It says "hope you're feeling chirpy soon" But then owls don't chirp do they? Well this one does.

Another chirpy owl. This is a LAMP, it's not a shower. That being said, it should probably have been a shower. Do you see a shower? Ok, fine it's a shower, course that doesn't explain the yellow... Well then, see it's a lamp. (I'll make a shower one tomorrow OK?) Anyhow it's that same birdcage stand from the last card. The same phrase is there if you can't read it.


Jen said...

I am so beyond loving those owls!!!! Way too cute!!!!

Heather Grow said...

Cute cards. I like the long ones. Congrats on the 5 cards getting published.

Dianne said...

I absolutely love these are so creative! Where do you get your inspiration?

Dianne said...
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